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Don’t let mildew, algae, & grim take over your Home’s Exterior Beauty! At Tedesco Power Washing, we believe that a clean home is always a happy home. And, that doesn’t apply only to the interior of your home, but to the exterior as well. Unfortunately, people often forget that the outside of their home is a magnet for dirt, mildew & algae growth. It doesn’t matter whether your home consists of vinyl, brick or stucco, the Soft Washing Montgomery County PA services of Tedesco Power Washing not only provides a more thorough cleaning but also maintains a cleaner surface for a longer time.

Some House Washing Companies May Actually Damage Your Montgomery County Home

When it is about cleaning the siding of your house, it is best to leave the matter in the hands of professionals like us. Our experts are aware that sidings are quite sensitive. As such, we know that certain surfaces, like stucco or cedar, could be disfigured when incorrect water pressure is used on them. There are many companies that don’t have sufficient knowledge like we do, and could possibly damage your house by applying pressure washing. If you don’t want to cause damage to the surface of your siding, or strip paint, then leave the matter to us. Tedesco Power Washing is specialized in different types of washing. For delicate exteriors, we have a method called soft washing. We use safe and effected cleaning agents that are soft on your home but work hard against algae lichen and grime.

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Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Vinyl siding is a building material that is versatile, durable and resilient, but it will need specialized cleaning on a regular basis. Its popularity is increasing day by day. However, a vinyl siding will gather a host of grime, dirt, rust, and stains over a certain course of time. In damp areas, mildew and mold can grow easily. Fortunately, the vinyl siding cleaning can be done easily with our soft washing method.

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Stucco House Washing

Stucco house washing will be effectively done if it is administered in the right way, and we are the best in the biz. Our experts use the lowest pressure to get the job done. Soft washing can turn your stucco house into a livelier one. Sometimes a pressure washing is needed to remove muck and debris. However, we wash them carefully for avoiding unnecessary damage and accidents.

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Hardie Board House Washing

Hardie Board siding provides an attractive look to your home. Despite having amazing looks, durability and fine quality, it will begin to get filthy occasionally. However, it needs low maintenance due to resistance towards mildew and mold. But, dust and dirt, along with bird droppings can damage the perfect look. With the help of soft washing, we will wash all of your hardie board siding, and make it appear like a brand new home.

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Benefits of Our Montgomery County House Washing

The biggest benefit of using our soft washing is that your entire home will be cleaned from the ground level. Because of the unique properties of the cleaning solution that we use, the end result will be far better than the results derived from washing with high-pressure water.
Take a glimpse at some of the main reasons why soft washing is superior to the high-pressure process, which is often seen to be used by other companies.
  • Lower pressure cleaning reduces the chance of damage
  • Better results from our Proprietary Soaps & Sanitizers
  • Cost effective, Requires less water, Eco-friendly
  • Mildew and Algae growth is eliminated at the molecular level that makes your home stay cleaner for a prolonged time

Real Soft Washing Reviews

Sandy Fischer


House Washing In Montgomery County PA

The crew at Tedesco Power Washing did a phenomenal job on my family home that is over 60 years old! They power washed the bricks and stucco. The bricks and stucco haven’t looked this good since my dad built the house in 1956! I highly recommend Tedesco House Washing!

Robert Jerez


House Washing Montgomery County PA

I used Tedesco Power Washing for some exterior cleaning. They were professional and courteous; took the time to hand wash certain sections of the house because they were fragile. Most other people would have just skipped it. The exterior looks brand new. 
I would absolutely recommend them and look forward to the next house washing.

Maryanne Hoskins


House Washing In Montgomery County PA

Tedesco Power Washing did a great job power washing my patio, home, and windows. They were even kind enough to wash off my patio furniture at no additional charge. I would highly recommend their house washing services to anyone looking for exterior cleaning!

The Soft Washing Difference

Our team of professionals is equipped with the required machines to remove any kind of stain. Applying too much pressure will cause damage to the surface, and too little will make everything wet without removing any dirt or grime. When you hire a professional like us, the washing service will ensure an effective and safe result every time you clean the surface. Our experts use a soft washing process along with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Contact us now and book your appointment for the clean of a lifetime!

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