Is it better to pressure wash or soft wash concrete? Both methods work great. Hire a professional cleaning company to clean your concrete surface.

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When addressing how to clean their concrete, homeowners are often confused on which method to choose. While pressure washing is commonly used for quick and easy cleaning, soft washing is usually a lesser-known procedure that still provides effective results. Each process has its own unique benefits, so it’s a good idea to do some prior research and make sure you know what’s involved for each specific treatment.

Pressure washing is simple—it uses extremely high-pressured water to blast away any dirt that has collected on a surface. Because it’s so powerful, even the tiniest cracks and crevices can receive an efficient clean. Pressure washing usually offers impressive results, as it is excellent at targeting stubborn buildups of organic material. Soft washing is quite different—it requires a thorough application of special cleaning solutions to the problem area, which are later rinsed away with a soft stream of water. These cleaning formulas also target stubborn buildup, but rather than forcing it up from the surface, they work to break it down entirely.

While each method has its benefits, they also come with their own distinct reservations. Pressure washing can be highly damaging if not done correctly, as the aggressive spray is too harsh for some surfaces. Concrete is generally plenty sturdy, but surrounding plants or home elements definitely need to be avoided. Soft washing eliminates this risk, but it still comes with the use of more water and chemicals. Likewise, if not performed with the proper training and care, your home could be severely harmed.

Still not sure which washing treatment to choose? Consult with a professional cleaning company and an expert can help guide you in the right direction. Through extensive knowledge and an analysis of your concrete surface, they’re well-equipped to clean your home’s concrete while maintaining the quality of your home.

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