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Whether you are wanting to do routine cleaning to keep your home looking clean or preparing for a new paint job, having your exterior free of grime is essential. A fast-growing trend is cleaning the exterior of the home with a power washer. Yes, it looks extremely satisfying, it seems quick, but it is safe for your home? The answer is: it depends.

What Is Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is the process of using extremely high pressure (2,500 PSI) to forcefully blast away any stains or grime on the exterior of your home. While this can work for very durable surfaces, such as a concrete driveway or brick exterior, it can be hazardous to other materials.

The Risks of Power Washing

Incorrect power washing carries considerable risk. Because the pressure is so high on power washers, the jet of water doesn’t stop if it hits soft materials. If done incorrectly, power washing can lead to serious damage to materials such as vinyl siding, stucco exterior, or UV coating on shingles.

Not only does power washing run the risk of damaging the exterior you’re trying to clean, but it can also inadvertently damage other things as well. A misplaced stream of water is strong enough to break windows, remove paint, and even cut through a finger.

What Should You Do Instead

If you are dealing with a sensitive exterior, roof, or other material that may be damaged by pressure that is too high, softwashing is the best solution. While it works similar to a power washer, the water in a softwash machine is mixed with chemicals and then sprayed at a much lower pressure. The chemical detergents work to destroy algae, mold, and other grime and the gentle spray helps provide an even wash. This makes sure you have a clean exterior without the risk of damage.

Ultimately, if you plan on cleaning the exterior of your home, having a professional take care of it is the most efficient solution. A professional will know which method of cleaning to use, and how to get your property clean in a way that doesn’t put anything at risk.  

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