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If you want to increase the curb appeal of your property and make it clean, then Tedesco Power Washing is your #1 choice for Power Washing In Norristown PA. Over time dirt, moss, mildew, lichen & algae grow and accumulate on the exterior of your property’s surfaces. These microorganisms can take away the beauty of your property and reduce your property’s valuel. Tedesco Power Washing In Norristown PA is your all in one solution for removing all dirt and grime and restoring the beauty and curb appeal of your property!
We have a team of highly skilled cleaners who are trained to provide the best power washing and soft washing services. Our soft washing team has a highly reputable track record in the Montgomery, Bucks and Chester county area and are known for providing our services with excellence. Our team of professionals will bring all the required equipment, supplies and know how, so you can sit back, relax and leave the dirty work to us!
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Our Power Washing

Services will make your home look new

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Deck Cleaning

Our deck cleaning services will remove all the dirt build-up and algae, restoring your deck's shine and durability. A cleaner deck gives your home a premium feel and also increases the overall look of your property. Keeping your deck well maintained can also help to increase your property's value. Get A Fast Quote

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Paver Cleaning

Paver driveways and patios are beautiful addition to your home. However, unclean pavers can lower the curb appeal of your home and be quite the eyesore. Our power washing services will restore the color of your pavers making them look bright, clean and new again! Get A Fast Quote

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Roof Cleaning

Proper roof cleaning is very important to keep your roof protected from moss and algae. These microorganisms not only dampen the look of your home but they also ruin the quality of your roof's tiles. Soft wash roof cleaning is the best way to restore the look of your roof and increase its lifespan. Get A Fast Quote

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House Washing

Your house is your biggest investment and you should take proper care of it to keep it safe and healthy. Our house washing services will clean all the stubborn stains and make your home more attractive. To keep your property safe from any damage, we always use low pressure when washing your home. Get A Fast Quote

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Increase Curb Appeal With Our Power Washing In Norristown PA

Our company has been in business for a long time and we know the specific needs of our customers. One of the best things about our Power Washing In Norristown PA, is that it will boost your curb appeal instantly. However, there are many companies out there that claim to provide high-quality washing services, but not all of them are professionals and stand behind their work fully. If you choose an unprofessional company, then you are not only compromising on the qaulity of your cleaning but you could also be putting your property in danger. We are one of the top rated soft washing companies in Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties and we promise to treat your property like it was our own. We take great precautions to keep your property safe from any damage and never use high pressure on delicate surfaces.

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The main reason to choose our Power Washing In Norristown PA is that we only use safe cleaning methods to restore the look of your home. Our power washing professionals have years of experience and will clean your home by using the safest soft washing techniques on roofing, siding, wood and composit surfaces. We only use high pressure washing on hard surfaces like concrete, otherwise all of our cleaning services are done with safe and gentle soft washing. If you’d like to learn more or get a free quote for any of your cleaning needs, contact us today and we will be happy to reach out and answer any of your questions!
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Kimberly Zawadzki


Power Washing In Norristown PA

I read many reviews and decided to go with Tedesco Power Washing after meeting Matt. The many positive reviews were spot on. Matt did a great job softwashing our siding and roof. He even rehit an area of the roof that was especially dirty. He stopped by a few weeks later as he was passing by to check on how it looked and to see if I was happy with the job. I was! I also learned I have a multi color roof vs a gray one. It’s something you’d never no till he cleaned it. Thanks Matt!

power washing soft washing montgomery county review

Jennifer Bradbury


Power Washing In Norristown PA

We just had a great 2nd power washing and gutter cleaning experience with Tedesco!  A very thorough cleaning! Additionally, we had discussed having our windows cleaned in addition to power washing our house. After the power washing was completed, the owner suggested we didnt need to clean the windows because they had been cleaned pretty well during the power washing process and he didn’t want me to spend extra money. He could have just double cleaned my windows and taken my money but he didn’t. This was so appreciated.

Leslie Macnichol


Power Washing In Norristown PA

Wow! I cannot say enough about Tedesco Power Washing and Soft Washing. When I contacted them they were responsive, affordable, timely and professional. They were the answer to a job I couldn’t complete myself. They were able to clean all the way up to my third floor and everything looks beautiful. Contacting Tedesco Power Washing was a decision that I am so glad I made for my home. I will definitely be calling them again and recommending them to everyone.

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