The Difference between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

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It can be a frustrating task to clean the exterior of your house. You just don’t know how to reach all the places so you can clean them. This is what pressure washing companies are here to do. They have the right equipment to clean the exterior of your house with high-pressure water. Pressure washing is not something new and it has been around for ages. Since it has been around for a while so people have tested it out rather thoroughly and we get to know about the right places to use the pressure washing. However, pressure washing is simply not ideal for cleaning the exterior of your house. Your house is not made up of something invincible; it can easily deteriorate if you don’t pay attention to it. Pressure washing tends to use high pressure of water to clean the dirty stains from the exterior of your house. You might be getting tired of looking at the chewing gum stuck in your driveway and there is virtually no way to clean that up. However, pressure washing is designed for stuff like that. It can easily wipe away all the stains from your driveway and make it squeaky. As much as it is ideal for cleaning your driveway; it is not designed to be used on the delicate parts of your house. This is where soft washing comes into play. Soft washing tends to use less pressure and relies more on the cleaning agents to do the dirty work. It is ideal for cleaning your walls, roof, windows, even your vinyl records. 

It all comes down to making smart choices when you are taking care of your house. You cannot show negligence by cleaning your windows with high-pressure washing and end up breaking them. You need to be smart about things; use soft washing instead. It will clean your windows and walls without doing any damage to your property. 

Why is Soft Washing Superior to Pressure Washing?

Although it might seem like using high pressure of water is enough for cleaning the dirty away but it is not ideal for everything. If you are planning on hiring a pressure washing company then it is better to hire someone with experience that will use the soft washing techniques for cleaning the delicate parts of your house. Soft washing has less pressure as compared to the high-pressure washing technique and it can do a much better job of cleaning. Soft washing is highly dependent on the cleaning agent to do the cleaning. However, it utilizes the same pressure washing machine but with much lower PSI. Similarly, pressure washing uses above 1600 PSI to do the cleaning but it can do a lot of damage. Water at that pressure can easily break concrete and wooden walls. It is not designed to clean your wooden walls. Soft washing is ideal for cleaning your walls, windows, and virtually anything. It is much superior and a safer approach towards cleaning. You can still get rid of that annoying chewing gum stain from your driveway without the need to put a hole in the concrete. 

Pressure Washing can be Dangerous: 

Pressure washing can be a threat to your safety if you handle it with negligence. This is why it is important to let the experts do their stuff. If you have your pressure washing equipment then pay more attention to the safety manual. Pressure washing requires high numbers of PSI (sometimes above than 2000) to clean the tenacious stains from your driveway but if you aim it on your body then you will most likely end up in a hospital. The pressure is way too high for wood or concrete to handle let alone the human body. Our bodies are essentially rubber and high pressure of water can easily cut through that like a knife on a cheesecake. We have seen numerous injuries in the previous years where someone was trying to kill the bug on their arm with the pressure washing hose and they ended up cutting their skin to the bone. 

However, soft washing is harmful even if you aim it on your body. The pressure is not much to cut your skin but it is enough to wipe away the dirty stains from anywhere. Soft washing doesn’t rely entirely on the pressure but it relies on the cleaning agent. Some people use the warm water for soft washing and it cleans away the dirt even better. 

Do I need Different Equipment for Soft Washing? 

It all depends on your pressure cleaner. Most of the pressure cleaners come with an adjustable PSI option to reduce the pressure. It can help adjust the pressure to the minimum when you are soft washing. If you do not have the right equipment for soft washing then you let the professionals do the job. They have the right equipment and technique for soft washing. All you need to do is just show them where they need to do the cleaning and they will do it without damaging anything. Soft washing requires the right cleaning agent for the persistent stains and soft washing companies tend to have those as well. So it’s always best to hire a professional cleaning company for all your soft washing needs.

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