What is Soft Washing And Why Is It The Preferred Exterior Cleaning Method?

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Should I Power Wash My Home’s Exterior?

You can power wash your car. You can power wash your driveway. You shouldn’t power wash your siding. Well, you can, but you are going to damage your home’s value and life. Why? Well, power washing works extremely well on surfaces that are uniform, without groves or divots, and very hard surfaces. Water will erode a surface that can’t withstand the force. Wood, plastic, and brick doesn’t withstand the force of water. Paint definitely can’t standup to pressure washing. If you power wash your siding you will slowly degrade the life of you house.

Why Is Soft Washing Better?

Instead of pressure or power washing your house you should soft wash the siding and roof. This is 100% superior because it doesn’t use just water to rinse away the dirt and grime. It uses detergents to lift the dirt and grime off your siding and roof. Bleach is also used as an ingredient to disinfect the siding and roof of mold, mildew, and germs. First, the surfaces are wetted with a light spray. This helps remove all of the large debris that can be removed by hand or light water flush. Then the surfactants and cleaning liquids are sprayed over the surface and let sit. Just like your cloths washing detergent, the soaps lift the dirt and grime off the surfaces. After the soaps have done their job, water is applied to rinse everything off. Done! That is it.

Should I Hire A Professional To Soft Wash My House?

Each surface needs the proper care that may require different levels of chemicals. This could be due to paint or tar paper tile roofs. Regardless, a professional will come with all of the supplies and the proper low-pressure washing machine for rinsing and cleaning. Hiring a professional will save you money and time in the long run.

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