What Is The Best Method for Gutter Cleaning?

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When your gutters get clogged, all kinds of bad things can happen. When rain falls on clogged gutters, the excess water can leak under the roof itself causing permanent damage. The water that isn’t directed away from your home can even damage the foundation of your home. Ensuring your gutters are cleaned thoroughly is necessary to maintain the longevity of your roof. Here’s how you should clean your gutters:

Hand Removal of All Debris

Your first thought may be to use some kind of tool to get rid of debris in your gutters. While these may seem quicker, they are much less effective at actually removing debris. Hand removing debris from your gutters will ensure that you get every twig and branch. Hand removal also makes sure you don’t accidentally damage your gutters, causing more problems than you started with.

Flushing Of The Gutter System

Having your gutters flushed makes sure that there is no amount of buildup left in the system and they will be ready for the rain. While removing large debris such as wood and leaves is important, you must also make sure no compacted dirt will lead to blockages. Without proper flushing of the gutter system, you could end up with quick build ups after the first few rain showers.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning should be done by a professional. Professional gutter cleaners not only have the tools necessary to get the job done quickly, but they also have the knowledge to guarantee your roof is cleaned properly. For example, an improperly flushed gutter system could cause damage if you flush water underneath your shingles.

A professional will make sure your gutters are free from debris, have proper flow after a system flushing, and also double-check the integrity of your roof. Having a yearly check-up to make sure your shingles and roof can help you spot problems before they turn into huge expenses.

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