What Is the Safest Way to Clean Vinyl Siding?

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There are great benefits to having vinyl siding: it looks great, and it is very durable. But there are times when your vinyl siding will start to collect dirt, stains, and even different types of mold or algae. This can cause your home to look worn out and depreciate the curb appeal of your property. To make sure your vinyl siding stays clean without doing damage to the material itself, soft washing should be used.

Soft Washing Is Safer

Soft washing is the process of using a gentle stream of wide-spread water to remove dirt and grime. Unlike a power washer that sprays extremely high PSI water onto a surface, soft washing is a much gentler technique that doesn’t run the risk of causing damage to the vinyl itself. While soft washing may take longer, having it done correctly will have your home looking great and prevent extra costs.

Be Careful With Other Methods

There are a lot of DIY methods for cleaning your vinyl out there such as different types of chemicals you can buy, scrubbing brushes, or even rented power washer. The problem with DIY tools is that you can end up doing more damage than the dirt caused to begin with. The wrong chemical for your vinyl siding can cause over-bright stains, brushes can leave marks in the siding, and power washers can permanently destroy parts of the vinyl.

Professional Vinyl Siding Cleaning

If your vinyl siding needs cleaning, the best solution is to use a professional soft washing service. Soft washing by a professional is a quick, cost-effective way to ensure your home looks great. You never run the risk of voiding the warranty on your siding or going against your homeowners’ insurance, and you don’t run the risk of accidentally turning a few dark spots on your house into an exterior remodel project.  

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